We BELIEVE that Augmented Reality technology can positively contribute to a lot of aspects in our everyday lives. Enriching contents and enhancing what we want to convey through the aid of various interrelated media, AR+ serves as a leverage for audience to see and feel many experiences beyond the boundaries, with endless limitation.


AR+ is an Augmented Reality application for mobile devices, developed by Octagon Studio. It allows you to view pop-up digital contents by scanning a tracker (predefined image) on printed materials. AR+ is designed to 'bring a hidden world to life' and to enhance visionary experience in our daily lives. Reveal the hidden surprises in 4 easy steps by downloading AR+ mobile app for free on App Store ad Google Play!.


AR+ Creator is a web-based application that allows you to create your own Augmented Reality contents. Get creative by adding images, texts, sounds, and even videos into your predefined images. Let others access the additional contents you share using the AR+ application. Just leave the technical stuff on us and start creating!

What can you put into AR+?
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It's a simple process. In three easy steps,
you can display your interactive content through the augmented magic of AR+.


Concept-create your AR content in your mind or on paper. Whether you'd like your image tracker to show another image, video, website, or even a 360-degree photograph, the choice is yours.


Let's move on to the next step in realizing your ideas. Upload the image tracker of your choice on the AR+ creator page. Then, drag-and drop your desired AR content onto the image tracker.


After a final check, now it's time to publish your creation! Have your family, friends, significant other, or anyone scan the image tracker with the AR+ app to reveal the hidden surprise you've created!

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